On the subject of terrorism, Cthulhu has little to say—except that it doesn’t matter much.

In a recent interview, Cthulhu stated that:

‘While I appreciate that the current president had exterminated Osama bin Laden before the ink was dry on his Nobel Peace Prize, it was ultimately a needless move.

‘Humans will be humans, for a little while longer; and, though the more psychotic among them will worship whatever mythical deities—Al’lah or Jehovah or whatever—even to the extreme that they’ll fly into skyscrapers or plunge into crusades and inquisitions, that’s all ultimately temporary makebelieve.

The ultimate deity in the universe being Azathoth, which very barely acknowledges the existence of the entirety of the human race—and which certainly doesn’t expect or require this insipid, terroristic infighting—the very concept of terrorism to appease one or more insignificantly fictional middle eastern deities is simply boring and beneath my attention.

‘Just get over it. I’ll eat each and every one of you theistic little morsels, in turn.’