Role of Government

The role of government in America is meant to be limited—preferably to getting the snow off the streets and delivering the mail…neither of which, it seems, the American Government is terribly good at.

The largely liberal notion that the government should expand into an omniscient, omnipotent nannystate ignores the principles upon which this nation was founded. Certainly, America strives to maintain a modicum of public welfare and to offer essential services; but thousands upon thousands of laws, many contradicting each other, and all designed to grant more and more power to the incompetent headless monster of government can lead only to a stalinist worship of state in the absence of liberty.

As president, Cthulhu will veto any bill proposing any growth of government, out of hand. In regard to the thousand of laws already on the books, which expand government beyond the strict confines of pure necessity, Cthulhu will urge the Legislative and Judicial Branches to repeal every needless, powergrabbing law that can be found.

The role of government in America is to control armies tasked to defend the nation against enemy combatants, and to give the People a central line of intercommunication more capably replicated by in modern times. Cthulhu will scale back government to the efficient, inexpensive tool it was designed to be, from the corrupt bloatware it’s become.