There are those who would claim that America is in crisis. In turmoil. Moribund.

Cthulhu disagrees.

In fact, America remains the greatest country on the planet—or, Cthulhu wouldn’t deign to rule These United States. As the stars align, Cthulhu rises from his slumber within R’lyeh to reign supreme, ravening for delight, across the globe; yet it is the USA which is favoured by the Great Old One. Americans should stand proud, for Yog-Sothoth has smiled upon them.

And yet, America does face its challenges: insignificant bickering and debating over paltry dilemmae—the various issues which this country faces. Cthulhu is ready and able to solve these meretricious problems, be it by the stroke of a pen or via the wanton destruction of the source.

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