Written Bonus Agreement

(c) If you are terminated for cause at any time before the end of this Agreement, you are required to refund the retention bonus earned. (b) If you withdraw from [Company Name] for any reason other than a good reason at any time before the expiration of the term of this Agreement, you must return to [Company Name] any portion of the retention bonus paid to you up to that time within 60 days. For example, if you withdraw from this Agreement after 18 months, you are required to repay [Company Name] the first half of the hold bonus you received six months earlier. You are entitled to a retention bonus of up to [bonus amount], subject to the conditions described below. Half of this amount will only be paid to you if you are still employed by [company name] on the first anniversary of the closing date. The second half of this amount will only be paid to you if you are still employed by [company name] on the second anniversary of the closing date. Both amounts will be paid to you as part of the next appropriate billing cycle based on the respective anniversary dates. (a) If [Company Name] terminates your employment relationship before the end of the term of this Agreement, [Company Name] is required to pay you only the amount up to that date. For example, if [company name] terminates your employment relationship 18 months after the start of this agreement, you will have earned an annual salary and all work-related benefits as an employee of [company name] for that year. In addition, you have earned the first half of the retention bonus (at the 12-month mark). You have earned six months` salary; However, no fraction of a withholding bonus will be paid, even if you worked six months after the second of the agreed two years.

Nothing in this Agreement may be modified, modified or supplemented except by a collective agreement between [Company Name] and you in writing. Your intentional involvement in illegal conduct or gross negligence. Your intentional and ongoing failure to substantially carry out your duties with [company name]. This MILPER announcement will take effect on June 1, 2020 and is about to change after July 1, 2020 without further notice. The expiration date for this message is May 30, 2021. For more information and to see if you qualify, read the latest MILPER post here. The term of this Agreement begins on the Closing Date and ends two years later, unless terminated in advance. Your annual base salary remains [salary amount] and you will be paid in accordance with [company name]`s normal accounting procedures. This retention bonus agreement sets out the terms and conditions of your continued employment with [Company Name] after the completion of the current merger/acquisition of [Merged/Acquired Company]. We refer to the date on which the merger/acquisition will be completed as the closing date.

Sharpen your employment, compliance, and public policy skills and knowledge with 3 virtual events and SHRM membership for ongoing support. [Company Name] fails to maintain enough tax authority to keep your job. By signing this Agreement, you agree that any claim or dispute covered by this Agreement or arising out of your employment during the term of the Agreement shall be subject to binding arbitration and that such arbitration shall be the sole remedy for resolving such claims or disputes. This promise to settle claims by arbitration is also binding on you and [company name]. .

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