Solution Provider Agreement (Spa)

The SPA itself does not grant partners the right to obtain user licenses for the management of their activities, which are referred to here as internal use licenses. Authorized SPA partners for an SPA solution may purchase new or additional licenses of that solution for internal use at the price they would pay to Microsoft if they received the delivery software to an end customer (i.e., the reference price less the discount that the partner can use when ordering based on their location as a customer and their 12-month role). Indoor user licenses may be offered as a benefit if you are a Microsoft Partner Program Certified or Gold Certified Partner and earn the corresponding skills in that program. Until July 30, 2005, partners who have obtained internal user licenses under prior agreement may continue to use the software as described in the software license. When such temporary licenses expire, all internal use license rights will be extinguished under this Agreement. 10. Services and Other Benefits To stimulate and sustain business growth, Microsoft recommends acquiring services and related benefits provided through the Microsoft Partner Program and/or other Microsoft Business Solutions partner services (technical support, training, and consulting). Partners who participate in the Microsoft Partner Program and members of Microsoft Business Solutions can purchase a variety of different service plans. These plans provide access to discounted technical support cases, online course materials, and additional services. The services can also be purchased à la carte (z.B. by incident assistance, by headquarters of the Foundation`s library, consulting services). For more information about the benefits of the Microsoft Partner Program and microsoft Business Solutions services available to Microsoft partners, see the following note: The SPA does not provide any rights to trademarks, logos, or marks of any kind used to market your Microsoft Business Solutions business.

All Microsoft Business Solutions-Partnerbranding is provided as a benefit of the Microsoft Partner Program. Partner policies and logos for Microsoft Partner Program members are available at: MBS Solution Provider Agreement Guide 14 10 5. Pricing prices for partners for Microsoft Business Solutions SPA software licenses for customers are based on two components: 1. A reference price for customers based on the customer`s location 2. A partner discount is applied to this benchmark price, based on the discount plan applicable to the customer`s location and that partner`s 12-month sales history with Microsoft Business Solutions….

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