Mitote Meaning The Four Agreements

Almost ready to give up, the gods gave it again. They took white and red corn kernels that had fallen from the sky recently, and turned them into the flesh and blood of man flesh and blood. This time, their efforts paid off. These people were extremely intelligent – perhaps dangerous. To ensure that they never reached the stature of the gods, Tepeu and Kukulkán decided to tarnish their vision so that they could not see further than what was happening before them. The nesonance that prevents man today from knowing the future or understanding the universe is called “mitote”. Consciousness: Turning lucid dream the best dreams are often the ones we can control with our unlimited imagination. They are called lucid dreams. To have a lucid dream, you must realize that you are dreaming. In other words, be aware of all the species in which mitote affects you.

Since mitote is incredibly complicated, you have to become a master tracker to be aware of it. You track down your emotional and unconscious reactions. They follow the voice of the judge and the groans of the victim. You feel the voices of the dream and how they influenced you. You really wanted to get married or was it someone else`s dream? Even if you wanted to get married, did you make an agreement that was genuine between you, or did you just do what the government and the Church recommended? Is a funeral the way you want to mourn the death of a loved one, or is it exactly what everyone else does? Is jealousy an instinct or a learned behavior? If you learn to follow, you will have the gift of seeing. If you see, you can start to change your reality. All your mind is a fog that the Tolteken call Mitote (very miH-TOE′ -TAY). Your mind is a dream in which a thousand people speak at the same time and no one gets along. This is the state of the human mind – a great mitote, and with this great mitote, you can`t see what you really are.

Because we are very integrated into this external dream, our personal dream of fear is also dominated. The agreements and beliefs we keep in our minds prevent us from seeing the truth – that justice, beauty, joy and freedom can be our personal dream Everyone is entitled to their opinion. This is their point of view, based on their own belief system, the agreements they have made with themselves. And it all has nothing to do with you. So we have nothing to take personally. If we want a life full of joy, we must break those harmful agreements that promote suffering and failure. We need to adopt four new agreements to replace the old, harmful ones. Mitote energy is a specific dream that is alive. It is made of light.

It has the ability to go into your personal dream and move that dream….

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