Biblical Meaning Of Agreement

4And I concluded an agreement with them to give them the land of Canaan, the land of their migrations. (BBE) Genesis 17:14And every man who undergoes no circumcision will be cut off from his people: My approval was broken by him. (BBE) Hebrews 11:39And none of them received the good things of convention, although they all had a good relationship by faith, 1 Corinthians 7:5 Do not release one another which is right, but only for a short time and by agreement, so that you may indulge in prayer and reunite again; So that Satan cannot surpass you by your loss of self-control. (BBE NAS RSV) Genesis 34:23D, won`t their beasts, possessions, and all their animals belong to us? So let`s make an agreement with them so that they can continue to live with us. meshar — Righteousness, sincerity, justice. on the right (1). Agreement, just, which are equal, justice, things that are just, sweet things. From yashar; Berenity, that is, (picture. /hebrew/4339.htm – 6k Genesis 9:11And I will give my consent with you; never again will all flesh be cut off from the waters; never again will water come to all the earth for its destruction. (BBE) Favor (10 deposits). pre-fur`: does not always have the general meaning of “choosing before another”.

In Psalm 137:6, he has this meaning and the two versions agree; in Esther 2:9…/p/prefer.htm – Romans 10k 4:18 In totally desperate circumstances, he believed, hopefully, that he could become the father of many nations, in accordance with the words “Your descendants will be so many.” (WEY) The agreement .. . . . .

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