Trustee Fee Agreement

Agents are the primary person responsible for respecting the wishes of the trust creator (trusted donor) as formulated in the trust agreement and are responsible for controlling the management and distribution of fiduciary values. An agent is often a close friend or family member of the agent, but whether or not the directors have a personal relationship with the agent, they almost always receive a trust fee for the performance of their duties. Mr. Margolis, I could very soon become an agent of a trust of about $1 million. I am not a type of investment, I am the son and the only agent of my father`s trust. I need an advisor to manage the trust`s “investments” and manage trust fees, the round trip with the beneficiaries I belong to. Am I looking for an FA or a company like Schwab to do all the management, etc.? Or is there an entity that does this kind of “trust” for an agent like me? Thank you for your guide in advance. PJ Martini, Mike, it looks like you`re offering your sister a great service. I think you have three options: first, you can continue to do what you do at no cost. Second, you could find someone who will assume your role, either the entire fiduciary role, or some of your duties, such a paid bill.

The cost would be a legitimate effort of trust. Third, you could start collecting a tax. I don`t know what the financial advisor is calculating, but I would limit your combined costs to 1.5%. So if the financial advisor calculates 1.0%, you can calculate 0.5% or 2500 DOLLARS BY AN. This may not fully compensate you for your time and effort, but at least it is something. Keep in mind that you must declare this as taxable income. I hope it helps. As an attorney for my uncle`s estate, I have to go from Oregon to Washington to take care of the fortune. I`ve tracked my mileage and travel time Recipients don`t want to pay me for my travel time because I visit with my family when I`m in Washington and they pay me for mileage. Although percentage fees are standard, this can be problematic for small trusts.

A trust that owns US$200,000 and pays a 1.5% fee would pay an annual fee of US$3,000 that would or would not cover the agent`s expenses.

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