Service Level Agreement Svenska

SLA is an acronym for the English term “Service Level Agreement” – a service agreement that defines the level of quality that should maintain delivery. For example, an ALS can be signed with the provider of an e-commerce platform to indicate service levels so that all parties know what is true. ALS generally regulates system availability, the number of times an error can occur over a period of time, how long it can take for error recovery to begin, and how quickly the bug needs to be fixed. The Frontend application can be operated separately with its own agreement and should not be part of the e-commerce platform`s commitment. 2 page 2 1. SLA Background (Service Level Agreement) is an agreement on the SERVICE level service service of IT services between the customer and the provider. CUSTOMER intends to locate the operation of KUND.SE to supplier x. This document describes the accessibility requirements of ALS and the conditions of their measurement. On the basis of this document, an agreement will be drawn up and the parts of the infringement will also be included. general. The SLA agreement is conditional on the measure being carried out in the supplier`s environment. In addition to the actual requirements of an ALS agreement, it is also important to define measures and definitions from the outset.

In addition, the processes on which the requirements are based must also be considered. Transparency in the measurement and reporting is also an important element for good ALS cooperation. The driving force behind ALS is that the CLIENT must have good availability for its users and not that the CLIENT should have a wet/punitive penalty. Therefore, transparency of measures in terms of volume, reaction time and performance is important on the basis of ALS. The measures give the supplier the opportunity to be proactive and make the necessary changes to its environment in a timely manner. 3. Preconditions. 1.C is the client who appoints an independent party that performs volume, availability and performance tests that form the basis of the SLA agreement.

2. This independent part is currently Lights In Line AB, as LIL 3. The supplier ensures that LIL has access to the environment so that the necessary measures can be taken. Lights In Line AB Switchboard: Page 2 According to best practices, an organization should have an SLA agreement per supplier. These agreements should cover all services provided by the provider. This simplifies the process because the terms and conditions are the same and the services often have the same level of service. ALS agreements can then be updated to add new services or remove out-of-date services. The number of services that can be included in an agreement is unlimited.

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