Revel Rental Agreement

“API/XML conditions,” the conditions available on (or on the tracking site designated by Revel) as these terms can be updated from time to time by Revel. 1.15 “tariff plan” refers to the price plan that is available on the site,, as well as all the specified fees on the site, all of which are included, as revel can be changed from time to time. g. Collections. If you do not pay the money you owe us when it is due, we must initiate collection proceedings. You agree to cover our collection costs, including, but not only, reasonable legal fees.h. The distance. We reserve the right to terminate your right to lease products from us at any time in the event of a violation of this Agreement or for no reason or for any other reason, at our discretion. email. We use the preferences and orders you indicate on our website to send you emails and other marketing materials for other products. You can disable the receipt of these emails by email or via links at the end of these emails, if any. 2.07 Availability. Services are available to members, subject to restrictions and possible changes in the availability of the Service, which Revel may perform from time to time at their discretion.

l. Revel strives to provide Revel Services 365 days a year, but does not guarantee that Revel Services will be available at any time, as weather, unforeseen events or other circumstances could prevent Revel from providing revel services. Current hours of operation of the service are available on the website at Access to Revel services also depends on the availability of mopeds. Revel does not guarantee the availability of Revel Services or the availability of a moped at any time. 14.12 This agreement, including all conditions in this context, which include Schedule A, tariff plan, royalties, violation and suspension policies, rules, confidentiality policies and terms of use, constitutes the whole agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement. “Service” refers to the booking and rental management service that allows you to book and charge for the rental and use of mopeds and the incidental costs associated with these rentals. “service” also includes the application and underlying technology that is required or used to operate the service; Assistance and other services provided to members by or on behalf of the company to ensure the proper operation of the rental and maintenance of mopeds and auxiliary equipment; and any exchanges, interactions or communications a member has with our staff representatives about the service.

3.11 Moped reservations. Mopeds are available to members in the order of arrival of travel requests. Members who use a moped are charged and billed in accordance with the fare plan. Members can book through the app and are billed immediately after the rent ends. Members can cancel or change a reservation through the app until the end of the booking period. A fee may be charged for more than one cancellation or change to a reservation during the same 1 hour period. Bookings can be stumbled at any time without refund or compensation from Revel.

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