Doj Airbus Agreement

If Airbus complies with the terms of the agreements reached for the duration of these agreements, the proceedings are suspended in each jurisdiction. Given the role that the AFA must play in the CJIP, Airbus will not be subject to any monitors under the UK or US data protection authorities. Authorizations and court documents show that Airbus has engaged business partners in part to conceal and facilitate the bribery program to assist corruption. Between about 2013 and 2015, Airbus hired a trading partner in China, knowingly and deliberately conspiring to make payments to its trading partner, which would be used as bribes to Chinese government officials in connection with the approval of certain agreements in China regarding the purchase and sale of Airbus aircraft to state-owned and state-controlled companies in China. In order to conceal the payments and conceal the counterparty`s commitment in China, Airbus did not pay its counterparty directly, but made payments to a bank account in Hong Kong on behalf of a company controlled by another counterparty. Airbus operates in a large number of markets and geographies, with a number of subsidiaries. Although much of the behaviour covered by the agreements refers to the activities of these subsidiaries or those acting on their application, Airbus SE, as the parent company, is the sole party to the transaction agreements. In the UK, the Toulouse-based aerospace company has reached a three-year deal with the Serious Fraud Office and paid 991 million euros ($1.09 billion) to pay for corruption charges. According to a DOJ press release, Airbus will pay $527 million in the United States if the company violates international traffic in arms and foreign corrupt practices Acts. In that case, Airbus volunteered and cooperated with law enforcement after violations were discovered during an internal audit. It is possible that an internal report was the source of the audit. Airbus` cooperation and corrective measures were taken into account in the terms of the deferred prosecution agreement and benefited Airbus.

Under data protection authority rules, Airbus will pay $527 million U.S. to the DOJ for violations of the FCPA ($294 million) and itar ($233 million) and an additional $55 million in a civil forfeiture agreement for ITAR-related conduct. [12] Airbus also agreed to pay a $10 million fine in the United States.

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