Yarrabilba Infrastructure Agreement

Logan Linus Power, who represents the Yarrabilba area, said the infrastructure would benefit all southern Logans, not just flagstone/Yarrabilba areas. “We knew that the largest area of the Logan would be one of the main growth corridors in Australia in the coming years, but the infrastructure plan has certainly accelerated opportunities for us in this area,” said Perich Family Patriarch Tony Perich. This is not the first time the government has injected infrastructure spending into Logan. After May`s infrastructure agreement, which saw the regional government, Logan Council and nine major developers agree to provide important infrastructure, including local roads, sanitation and water facilities for the Yarrabilba and Greater Flagstone priority development areas, she has even more reason to rush. A $1.2 billion agreement was signed to cover the infrastructure needs of Flagstone and Yarrabilba over the next 45 years. Logan City Council Acting Administrator Tamara O`Shea welcomed the agreement. Logan City Council Acting Administrator Tamera O`Shea said the landmark agreement was for developers to fund infrastructure needs through advance fees. Minister for National Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning Cameron Dick said the agreement was the largest infrastructure agreement of its kind, which will be implemented by any government in Australia and will meet the municipality`s infrastructure needs over the next 45 years. Linus Power, MP for La Logan, and Jordan MP Charis Mullen supported the agreement. “To support and fuel these emerging communities, we need to provide the necessary infrastructure and this agreement demonstrates the necessary funding and the framework for the establishment of local roads, water and sanitation.

Infrastructure and Planning Minister Cameron Dick called the agreement the largest infrastructure agreement of its kind. State Development Minister Cameron Dick said the deal was the largest of its kind in Australia and would provide critical infrastructure to the priority development areas of Yarrabilba and Greater Flagstone, which are expected to have about 200,000 people by 2066. According to Tamara O`Shea, acting administrator of Logan City Council, the nine developers will fund the provision of the infrastructure through advance fees in excess of their development costs in both regions. This will ensure the provision of roads, water supply and sanitation infrastructure that will connect emerging municipalities to existing networks “without putting an Impost to existing taxpayers.” The Queensland government, Logan City Council and nine developers, including Peet and Lendlease, have agreed on plans to make roads, water and sanitation facilities available to growing communities by 2066.

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