Trent And Dove Tenancy Agreement

“While vermin infestations are the responsibility of the tenant (as described in their lease), we are currently supporting Miss Jeffs and Mr. Herbert to get a pest control company to make an offer to treat the problem. Trent- Dove offers a range of support services to all our customers who are struggling to obtain their rental agreement and ask them to contact us on 01283 528528 or visit our website at for more information. “After we were alerted to the situation, the housing officer and tenant spoke at length with the couple and informed them of the options available. The couple`s rental agreement says they are legally responsible for managing vermin infestations, but the bosses of the Trent-Dove housing companies said they were helping the couple and were advised as best they could. A couple claims that their lives are made miserable because their rolleston bungalow is infested with rats. If you need help with your rent and neither you nor any partner is of retirement age, you must apply for a universal credit, unless you fall into one of the following groups The amount of benefit paid depends on your personal circumstances, income and household. The housing benefit calculator can give you an estimate of how much you can have before someone. “Now we`re stuck here and we hear them walking. – I can`t stop crying. I don`t know what to do.

“We are very concerned that Ms. Jeffs and Mr. Herbert have expressed financial difficulties and that we have offered to meet with them to assess their situation.” I saw one of them go up the lawn. I thought it was a cat at first, it was so big. He cut under the gas meter. Sign up to receive burton`s latest news in a daily email newsletter Pamela Jeffs, 64, and Edward Herbert, 69, say vermin appeared in the attic of their Dodslow Avenue home just three months after they entered the Trent-Dove home. If you are retired, you are not covered by the universal credit and you can claim a right to the Council`s housing allowance and tax reduction. “We are vulnerable people and we have been abandoned.” People who own a home or have a mortgage cannot apply for housing benefit, but can apply for a council tax cut. The bosses of the housing company say they help the couple and advise them as best they can: “You can hear them walking up there.

Edward has heart problems, and that makes us both bad. The smell is horrible. A spokesman for Trent-Dove said: “Rat feces were discovered in the attic during a heating system on the property. The proof you sent must cover the two months prior to your application and display the transactions for that period. When you do online banking, we can accept impressions (not ATMs) that show transactions for the last two months. 14.11.2020 10/10 Hello Trent and Pigeon, thanks for the beautiful property you have us rent. What a great team they were all very friendly and helpful. We take care of your property. Yes, I recommend the trent and the dove. Trent`n`Dove was good in my experience a few years ago, but oh my God, they are absolutely horrible!!! They don`t care about their tenants at all! In fact, they started harassing my mother, which I use, because she suffers from mental and physical illnesses when they had at least a little more understanding for the diseases they used to do.

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