Teamsters Local 879 Collective Agreement

As professional drivers in the taxi industry, collective bargaining has helped us to be understood and to have a voice with our company and the public. At Teamsters, we want to make sure our members see the latest events on site and know what events are coming on this page! Thanks to Teamster Local 879, my life and that of my family have changed for the better. Teamsters Local 879 guaranteed me my rights to a safe working environment. We are always happy to help our members and make it available to our missions! We do our best to inform our members of all members of each general meeting and always encourage members to discuss all issues with their representatives or management. The local association is also unique in the mix of staff. Young people can draw on the experience of executives to enable a more professional agent. This is what makes Local Union No. 879 such a strong local union and the envy of other indigenous peoples and other unions. Being a member of Teamster Local 879 has brought dignity and respect to my workplace.

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